3F dedicated itself to design a comprehensive range of chemicals to fulfill the requirement for safety for the industry. 3F is proud to offer a range of products falling in the following categories.

Specialities: 3F has developed specific products to provide the possibilities to deal with special risks, such as toxic gas containment, oil dispersion, coastline protection, foam breakdown, antifreeze protection, concrete expansion, particles dispersion control...

3F has an experience exceeding 20 years in development of fire fighting foams and understands the needs for efficient products to ensure the best protection to fight fires.

SPECIALITIES Concentration of use Application Technical Data Sheet
3F SF 3DA1170 2% Booster and Foam stabilizer pdf
3F SF 3DCF3 1-3% Concrete volume expander pdf
D-300 1% Anti Fire fighting foam pdf
3F SF 3DECOBLAST 6% Particle emission control pdf
HYFEX P3F SF 3D 2% Party Foam for events pdf
KLEAN 3% Road Cleaner, oil emulsifyer pdf
OD 4000 1-10% Oil spill dispersant at sea pdf
3F SF 3DDS5  5% Particle descontamination pdf
STOPAL  6% Toxic gas control pdf
3F SF 3DT-FOAM SF  1%-3%-6% Smart Foam Training Foam pdf
T-FOAM 3%-6%
Training Foam pdf
3F SF 3DGRANOSORB  1:1 Absorbant granulate for oil spills pdf
FREEZOL  5-30%  Antigfreeze for extinguishers pdf
D-CON FLASH  0.5% Cleaner for fire fighter clothing pdf