Worldwide innovation : a survival bubble against toxic fumes ! 3F Américas Inc. and A.T.I. have signed a sales agreement for DTEX to represent the product in Latino America.

DETEX is a UNIQUE and PATENTED product: first smoke detector and extractor without external evacuation, it creates a survival bubble in case of fire.

Smoke intoxication causes death in 80% of all cases of fire in a room. Approximately 800 fatalities are known to have occurred in France alone through smoke inhalation.
Easy to install, without maintenance, warranted for 10 years, DETEX can save lives: public buildings, residential housing, office, towers, hospital, schools...



'HOTSPOTTER' is an easy-to-use tool and provides an alternative answer to expensive heat cameras. They can be used to detect hidden hot spots and are the perfect tool for personal protection. Checking for 'HOTSPOTS' post fire is an innovation for fire fighters personal protection and intervention. The signal is visible on its LED display and can be heard via a beeper which can be heard clearly through a fire helmet.

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LIghtSaver allows to mark visually an escape route in case of smoke emergency situation. It is activated by the sound of smoke detectors and makes a flashing blue light visible in smoke and low visibility situations.
The unit has its own battery, so it works even if the power supply is shut off.
The UNIQUE beaming light is the result of scientific study, which concluded that the colour and the frequency of the light would be perceived by human as an unconsciously attracting signal, even in a real emergency situation.
LightSaver is an easy tool to install, supplied with 12 m light cable to fix around the exit. The maintenance is simple, using a test button to check if the unit is working, and ensuring preventive action to change the 9V battery every year.

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Kitchen Extinguishing System

In case of fire, it automatically releases the pressure in the tube, until the valve of the bottle opens to liberate the extinguishing agent.

As a result, the fire-fighting agent is applied onto the critical points in the hood, thanks to the special diffusers.

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