shg logoUnbreakable patented pumps made in Germany!

These pumps are the most reliable pumps on the market: they are virtually unbreakable and can transfer any liquids with heavy loads of solids.

Basically, whatever gets in gets out! There is no need for a filter and the patented pump will transfer any solids.

They are designed to run 24/7 for various applications: Flooding, water treatment facility, industrial liquids.

The range is offered in 3 groups:



  • WOODY H : Electrical Engine IP68 - 2500 Lpm / 660 GPM

  • WOODY E : Electrical Engine IP68 - 2500 Lpm / 660 GPM

  • WOODY M : Electrical Engine IP68 - 1600 Lpm / 420 GPM

  • WOODY X : Electrical Engine IPX4 - 2500 Lpm / 660 GPM




  • AQUATIX : Compact mobile model - 400 Lpm / 100 GPM



JOHSTADT logoJOHSTADT has specialized in the development, construction and manufacture of pumps for more than 150 years. The company manufactured its first fire fighting pumps in 1868.

JOHSTADT provides an extensive range of fire fighting pumps, from lightweight portable models with 200 Lpm – 50 GPM - to Vehicle mounted pumps with up to 10,000 Lpm – 2600 GPM.

Moreover, the pumps are also available as Trailer pumps or entire pumping units. Complemented by various accessories.

JOHSTADT offers the latest technology such as CAFS systems.

The modular connection system allows for individual configuration on the suction and pressure sides.
PORTABLE PUMPS : They offer Petrol or Diesel engine versions.
VEHICLE MOUNTED PUMPS : The range is offered from 2,000 Lpm to 10,000 Lpm – 550 GPM to 2600 GPM (can be mounted on any fire truck, but also as stand alone in stationary systems or integrated on trailers).
CAFS PUMP : The LSA includes a centrifugal pump of the NP series, complemented by a compressor driven by the pump shaft and a foam pump. All components are fully connected and the system is ready to use.