F.A.S. means Fire Attack Systems. Our systems are designed to offer an immediate and rapid response to attack a fire. To achieve this, our engineers have relied on High Pressure technology to make the best use of water for fire fighting.
F.A.S. will answer many important issues:
Efficiency • Autonomy • Environment • Ease-of-use • Compact • Light weight

F.A.S. is an equipment range designed to fight fire and reduce environmental impact. Water has always been considered as an inexpensive and unlimited resource to be wasted, and in particular when fighting fire. However, today this is no longer true for numerous commercial, environmental and ethical reasons.
F.A.S. can extinguish a fire with less than a tenth of the usual water consumption by a standard fire vehicle, the use of this equipment dramatically reduces water consumption, and subsequently the discharge of polluted water and run-off.
F.A.S. has a much lower carbon foot print than conventional fire fighting equipment by providing a much reduced hydrocarbon fuel usage to attack and extinguish fires and thereby reducing CO2 emissions. You can already appreciate the difference in fuel consumption between a 4x4 pick up carrying less than 25% of the water, compared to a standard fire vehicle carrying 2 tonne of water and a large water pump. Less water, lighter vehicles, less fuel consumption, vastly reduced environmental impact and ultimately
a significantly lower cost to attack and extinguish fire.