FAS advantages

A portable high pressure fire suppression system such as our Fire Attack Systems must provide particular attributes to make such a system appropriate for its designed application. The end user should consider the key areas of design.


High pressure delivery reduces the water droplet size and increases the surface area of the media which in turn promotes increased cooling. The optimum pressures fall within a range of 120 bar (1800 psi) to 200 bar (3000 psi).

Water usage is a key area to be considered when choosing a high pressure system. F.A.S. is specifically designed as a portable system and making best use of the available water stored in a tank is crucial to maintain the longest possible delivery time of high pressure water to the fire. F.A.S. use the least amount of water per minute than any of its rival pressure systems. They are delivered with standard length of hose but can be extended up to 120 metres without losing pressure.

F.A.S. are all designed around a light weight but very strong stainless steel frame, making the units the lightest amongst its rivals on the most important basis of unit weight against water delivery (Kg/Lt). With the exception of the electrical version of ‘F.A.S. POWER’, F.A.S. are uniquely portable and independent systems capable of being moved by a two or four person lift easily and safely.

The F.A.S. nozzle is designed to provide the most versatile application of water in all applications. With high pressure the nozzle will produce a jet or fan spray. A simple pull on the nozzle produces low pressure jet or fan spray delivery or simply change to foam delivery by switching to the aspirated foam nozzle.
The piercing nozzle can be used for penetrating thin steel such as car bodies. This will allow the operator to extinguish a car fire for example without the need to open compartment areas such as an engine space or the rear confined storage space of a vehicle.
The peat nozzle is an extendable harden tip nozzle up to 6 metres in length to penetrate into deep seated fires.

Water tanks and skid
Skid and tanks are supplied with all required filters and pipe work and fittings required to operate in conjunction with F.A.S.

Feeding pump
A natural source such as a river, stream or brook can be transferred via our small 4 stroke petrol pump 130 l/mn with a 25mm wire reinforced hose line and water filter to the tank. We deliver it with a 15 metres lay flat hose which can also be fitted with a spray nozzle with a Stortz coupling.

Foam induction systems
We offer various options:

  • Additional wetting agent / foam concentrate backpack to be connected to the nozzle.
  • Complete foam induction system, with its foam tank, all the required hoses and connections, and an adjustable dial to select the foam concentration from 0.3% to 3%.

F.A.S. Phoenix uses the automatic dosing system ‘TRITON’ for accurate foam delivery from 0.1% to 1.0%.