FAS technology

F.A.S. Fire Attack Systems are high-pressure water / foam systems delivering a fine water spray. The systems are manufactured by ABC MacIntosh in the UK and distributed through the 3F network of agents and distributors.

F.A.S. are available with various delivery pressures from 120 Bars to 200 Bars depending on the model selected. These unique and simply designed portable fire-fighting units are a quality-engineered product, with reliability being the first key feature of their simplicity. F.A.S. are built on a box section frame, constructed in stainless steel and finished in a highly resilient red powder coating. This distinct advantage makes it a must-have where the F.A.S. may have frequent contact with seawater during marine fire fighting operations or hot and humid conditions.

F.A.S. rely on the high pressure to reduce the water droplet diameter from a standard spray nozzle at 5 mm to an ideal droplet size of 20μm. This increase of water surface, multiplies the cooling power of the water by about 40 times. The increased cooling efficiency explains why we can reduce the water flow from 120 to 400 l/mn (35 to 100 US Gallon/mn) to between 15 to 50 l/mn (4 to 13 US Gallon/mn) in our equipment. There is an important balance to be maintained with water droplet size. If the droplet is too small, they cannot reach onto the fire. If they are too big, their effectiveness is limited. This is why we calibrate our systems to a pressure range from 120 to 200 Bars - 1800 psi to 3000 psi - which gives the right size of droplets through our nozzle.

F.A.S. are designed to fit in a 4x4 vehicle, pick-up, or small fire truck. These vehicles are far smaller than standard fire trucks and can easily manoeuver in dense traffic in urban areas or narrow roads in rural areas. The smaller 4x4 vehicle is also suitable for flooded roads or areas of restricted access. The importance of fighting fire is quick response and F.A.S. promotes this rapid intervention.

F.A.S. are equipped with one or two hose reels, which can range from 30 metres up to a maximum of 90 metres, with possibilities of extending the length either with additional portable hose reel – fixed on ground with securing pegs - or with an extra length on a wider reel. The units do not lose pressure on length up to 120 metres. Again, the F.A.S. pumps will not lose pressure at up to 16 metres of head on a 30 metres hose reel.

F.A.S. offer a broad range of applications, which respond to the customers demand such as:

  • Fire Brigade immediate attack on fast spreading fires.
  • Event organizing companies to provide fire protection during large public events
  • Mining industry to get local fire response in remote areas

Isolated communities where fire fighting support is too far away, F.A.S. provides excellent fire cover for all such events with a minimal water requirement.

F.A.S. can be fitted with different nozzles to adjust the perfect combination depending on the fire scenario: water jet / spray nozzle, Low/high pressure lance, foam lance, piercing lance, peat lance.
3F only recommend ‘Fluoro free’ wetting agents and foams, which have no medium or long term detrimental impact on the environment and are proven to be totally bio-degradable and approved in F.A.S. equipment. Our only recommendation is ‘FREEFOR SF’ for Class A and small Class B fires and ‘FREEDOL’ Alcohol Resistant Class B foam.