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3F is a company led by highly experienced people who have been a driving force in their own area of expertise within the fire protection industry for the last three decades.

A dedicated team of people focused on the design and manufacture of the highest quality fire fighting products in both chemical and engineering applications.

The 3F business concept is simple and has been developed on three fundamental aspects of extinguishing fire safely. Firstly, supplying a foam chemical product range that is all about ensuring the customer has the most appropriate fire fighting chemical for the risk. Secondly, ensuring an engineering solution to deliver the chemical to the fire in the most cost effective, efficient and safe application. And finally, doing something very different to other fire fighting chemical manufacturers and that is to supply our customers with a clean environmental package that will not only deliver significant reductions but in almost all cases eliminate post fire environmental damage caused by foam use.

With 3F based in the UK, 3F Asia based in Singapore, 3F Africa in Morocco and 3F Americas in Panama, our business is able to respond effectively and quickly to world markets in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres equally.

3F is certified ISO 9001:2015