3F, and various European manufacturers, offers a wide range of firefighting equipment.

Firefighting technique requires the combination of fixed and mobile systems, which in turn require deep knowledge in chemical, mechanic, electric, hydraulic and electronic disciplines.  Furthermore, 3F offers a full service of studies and advice to ensure that our customers can get the best solution to address their risks.

Fire Fighting Trucks

Mobile fire extinguishing devices are a valuable, if not indispensable, way of fighting fires.

In the first instance, fire rescue service trucks are equipped with pumps capable of delivering water with sufficient pressure to reach the fire.

3F is pleased to announce the agreement to represent MOTO-TRUCK trucks in Latin America.

MOTO-TRUCK is a renowned manufacturer of fire trucks established in Kielce, Poland for more than 25 years.

MOTO-TRUCK offers a complete set of light, medium and heavy vehicles mounted on most chassis on the market: MAN, RENAULT, MERCEDES, IVECO, SCANIA, etc.

MOTO-TRUCK offers the advantage of integrating the in-house production of key elements: pump, nozzles, lighting mast, tanks, winch, etc.

MOTO-TRUCK has an ultra-modern manufacturing plant that allows it to offer extremely short superstructure manufacturing times.

3F is at your disposal to answer all your requests.

To find out more, we invite you to read our news about MOTO-TRUCK
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Fixed protection

3F, and FIRE XPRTS, offer a complete set of equipment for the fire protection of all type of industry against fires.

  • Foam tanks
  • Water tanks
  • Bladder tanks, horizontal and vertical
  • Deluge valves and all valves for pumping station and systems
  • Pumps Diesel, electrical and Jockey
  • High Expansion Generators
  • Foam chambers
  • Foam pourers

FIRE XPRTS conceives, manufactures and offers Equipment and Services for fire protection. FIRE XPRTS offers, aside from its main activity, the following services:

  • Study and analysis for existing systems
  • Engineering to design a complete fire-fighting installation
  • The training and commissioning of an installation, the maintenance schedule for equipment, being supplied or not by 3F.


JOHSTADT has made pumps for more than 150 years. The company manufactured its first fire fighting pumps in 1868.

JOHSTADT provides an extensive range of fire fighting pumps, from lightweight portable models with 200 Lpm – 50 GPM – to Vehicle mounted pumps with up to 10,000 Lpm – 2600 GPM.

Moreover, the pumps are also available as Trailer pumps or entire pumping units. Complemented by various accessories.

JOHSTADT offers the latest technology such as CAFS systems.

The modular connection system allows for individual configuration on the suction and pressure sides.
PORTABLE PUMPS : They offer Petrol or Diesel engine versions.
VEHICLE MOUNTED PUMPS : The range is offered from 2,000 Lpm to 10,000 Lpm – 550 GPM to 2600 GPM (can be mounted on any fire truck, but also as stand alone in stationary systems or integrated on trailers).
CAFS PUMP : The LSA includes a centrifugal pump of the NP series, complemented by a compressor driven by the pump shaft and a foam pump. All components are fully connected and the system is ready to use.

Scorpe offers the Aquafast range. These are floating pumps that allow water to be pumped from a river, a lake, etc. to directly supply a fire tank.

Two models are available, with 3.5 HP and 6 HP engines. We also offer a swimming pool kit for individual protection, and a transport kit.


With innovative safety features and impressive research and development,

POK has manufactured a wide range of hand nozzles that is sure to suit your needs.

  • Automatic pressure regulation
  • Dual pressure (operating at 3 or 6 bar)
  • Fixed flow rate
  • Selectable flow rate
  • Selectable stream patterns (Straight jet, flashover, and wide angle spray)
  • Choice of zero, one or two pistol grips
  • Customizable color options
  • Material ranges from aluminum, bronze and stainless steel


State of the art monitors are designed and manufactured with the best materials available.

Whatever the application, we have a solution.

  • Portable / fixed monitors
  • Motorized with remote control systems
  • Outlet diameter ranging from 1.5″ to 16″
  • Flow rates ranging from 24,000 to 40,000 lpm
  • With/without shut-off
  • Horizontal and vertical movement range options
  • Material ranges from aluminum, bronze and stainless steel
  • A wide range of outlet equipment (diffusors/branchpipes)

Foam equipment


Our mobile trolleys CARPOK exist in two versions 100L and 150L. The trolley is autonomous and must be connected to the water supply. The foam concentrate is stored in a tank and the hoses, inducting system and lances are ready to use on the trolley to deliver Low and Medium Expansion foam.

The equipment is a portable back pack foam tank, an inductor with pipes and various foam application lances.

We offer High expansion Mobile Generator GHX-P2.
For fixed installation, we offer 2 models with different flow rates 250 or 400 lpm.

Our inductors are directly connected to water stream to inject the foam concentrate in the water flow. We offer different models calibrated for various flow rates, with a selector for the concentration of use: 0.4%, 1%, 3% and 6%

3F offers a wide range of hose cabinets for building protection. Our models can be presented in various hose diameters and length, cabinet type, valve options…

3F offers a wide range of dividers, couplings, branches and valves in various diameters, materials and international coupling types.

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