Mechanical Dosing Systems

Firemiks AB is a Swedish mainly family-owned company, started 2010, with a background history since 1979 of producing water motor driven foam pump systems.

The basic idea of Firemiks-system – simplicity ! 

A mechanical system driven only by the existing water flow – No external energy should be required. Proportioning should be made automatic, i.e. the system should adjust itself for changes in flow and pressure, without any calibration needed.

FIREMIKS, for an exact dosing and mechanical simplicity

Our systems use water movement to induct any type of foam.Without needs for external power source, the pump is moved by water and will aspirate the foam and inject it onto the water flow, being at the right proportion depending upon the flow rate.

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The working principle of Firemiks

The water flow goes through the FIREMIKS water motor. This generates a circular rotor motion, transferred to the dosing pump over the direct drive coupling. The concentrate is pumped into the water motor outlet, where dosing occurs. Since the water motor functions both as a power source to the dosing pump and as a flow meter system, the system becomes flow proportional: dosing automatically follows all the variations in the water flow.


  • 8 or 10 working wings, gives an early and stable volumetric function of the water motor within a flow range up to 1:10 (for example 240-2.400 lpm).
  • Narrow interior design, low friction of the vanes, reduced noise level of the unit creates a long and lasting durability.



Easy to install
Compact system driven by the water flow only. No additional parts or external energy needed.

Easy to use
Mechanical self-regulating and flow controlled system with a wide flow and pressure range. No need of complicated pressure balances or calibration.

Easy to maintain
Economical and environmentally beneficial testing through the option of adding a Dosing return valve. No need of consuming the concentrate during testing or maintaining the unit.


FIREMIKS – PP is provided with a piston pump and is particularly suited for use in systems with low start flows (for example, sprinkler systems) as well as for concentrates with low viscosity. The unit shall be placed so the media concentrate has a free flow and flows down from the tank to the dosing pump.

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FIREMIKS – GP is provided with a Gear pump and is particularly suited for use in systems with higher flow rates, such as deluge systems, fire monitors and fire trucks. This type is, in addition, also very suited for high viscosity concentrates.

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Certifications – Standards

FIREMIKS®-systems comply with NFPA 11 (2010) and NFPA 1901 (2009)
FIREMIKS® has CE mark. Our systems comply with European 2006/42/EC.
Approval Marine DNV-GL
Approval FM
Firemiks AB is certified ISO 9001-2015.

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