3F, in association with various European manufacturers, offers a wide range of equipment for emergencies, research and rescue.

Disasters can originate from human or natural causes. Disasters can be in various forms such as accidental pollution – oil spills, chemical contamination, worldwide pandemic such as COVID 19 – climatic and planet events – earthquakes, tsunami, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, drought and floods. In all cases, emergency equipment is needed, such as booms, tents, lights, pumps, search & rescue equipment. You will find the 3F answer below.

Special textiles

The company REYNAUD CAUVIN YVOSE was created in 1933 at Louhans, in France, and belongs to the group BHD, leader in technical textile for various applications.
Dedicated to protect the environment, people and property and the company is recognized at international level as a major actor in this field. Its facility is equipped with the ultimate technology to manufacture its products. RCY is acknowledged for its ”know-how”, its reactivity, its after-sale service and the quality of its products. RCY has demanding prestigious clients, such as French Marine Nationale, Swiss Army, Spanish Armada and German Bundeswehr.

RCY offers a complete range of booms to select depending on the area to protect. It is crucial to assess correctly the area to pick up the right boom. The boom can be made of hard foam parts or inflatable parts. Length and depth is adjusted to the needs and manufactured on demand.
The main application is for oil spill containment, but booms are also used for floating debris, alga and oil capture.

The NOTIL is a new generation trailer to recover oil spills, floating waste,… Its size and weight (50 kg) allow easy transport and deployment: two operators are sufficient to load several NOTIL on a boat and operate them. The implementation time of NOTIL is less than 5 minutes. NOTIL is one of the most cost-effective pollution response equipment on this market. NOTIL can be launched right out of packaging without any additional manipulation.Towed by the boat, the drag force on the NOTIL structure will deploy it. Once full of oil, the NOTIL is closed thanks to a closing rope sealing the content inside the net.

Depending on the boat characteristics, the trapped contaminant in the net can be loaded onboard the vessel or towed to the coast. Several sizes of mesh are proposed to match a large range of oil viscosity, or waste type.

Applications :

  • Viscous oil, emulsified oil,
  • Wastes, organic or vegetable debris,
  • Many other floating pollution.

Our inflatable tents are designed for a fast and easy assembly in emergency situations or for life protection. They are offered with many accessories and options. We can make tailor-made tents and adapt them to the operational requests: decontamination, military camp, confinement, work camp…
Our ultimate models are mounted without metallic support: you start the air blower and the tent is up with almost no manpower.

The best flexible and reusable drain cover to prevent oil spills to enter sewer and rainwater drainage systems.

Our tanks are available from 1 m3 to 1200 m3. They are fitted with valve and other accessories. Depending on the textile, they can store many different liquids: tap water, rain water, agriculture effluents, juices, water treatment load, oil, fuel, chemicals…
Easy to install and use, they can be used in numerous applications ; Flexible tanks are economical and practical, like storing water in remote areas.


Scorpe is acompany founded in 1994, specialized in Rescue Tools & Equipment. Their manufacturing plant is based in the Ardennes, in the North of France.


Vibrasearch is a range of 3 different tools. SCORPE, pioneer in this technology, designed his tools with unique and specific advantages on the market.

Scorpe offers a wide range of extrication tools designed on strict specifications.
No need for an additional hydraulic power supply.
Compact and light weight for easy handling.
Autonomous power with rechargeable battery, the same for all models.
Practical: Combi models associate cutter and spreader functions

The new range of Scorp’Air lifting bags combine essential advantages in relief operations, such as Rescue excavation, road rescue and any lifting needs.
They offer many benefits: stability, great lifting capacity, low thickness for easy insertion in tight spaces, thin and rigid for easy storage


ELC is a French manufacturer of lights and created LUMAPHORE®. ELC offers a range of professional lights, appraised by Fire & rescue Service, Public Activities and Industry such as Works and Building Companies, Motorway, Tunnels, Power plants, Airports,… Lumaphore results from studies to resolve the weaknesses of Balloon Lights, and was launched in 2006. Lumaphore is tough, light, powerful, easy and fast to be used, and of low energy consumption

The advantages of LUMAPHORE are : LED COB module Stability of light flow Diffusor made of Polycarbonate, light and resistant. Powered in 220V or110V or12/24VIP65 class High resistance to bad weather (wind, rain, extreme heat or cold)


Unbreakable patented pumps made in Germany!

These pumps are the most reliable pumps on the market: they are virtually unbreakable and can transfer any liquids with heavy loads of solids.

Basically, whatever gets in gets out! There is no need for a filter and the patented pump will transfer any solids.

They are designed to run 24/7 for various applications: Flooding, water treatment facility, industrial liquids.

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