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Dosing System

CTD is considered as an high tech concept. It relies on sophisticated waterflow meters and an integrated panel of control fully automatic. It is conceived ”fireman proof”and resists to tough conditions of use and hostile weather.

CTD is a product for life.


In all countries we have an agreement with our local partner. Our partners are trained to solve most of the maintenance problems and store a spare parts stock. If they cannot resolve the problem we will either come and assist or receive the damaged equipment to refurbish it.

There are no costs if the problem is under warranty. After warranty period we charge the cost of spare parts and manpower.

Please fill the contact form and detail as much as you can your request. We will give you a reply even if negative.

Yes… But if we are not in position to help, we can direct you to experts skilled in fire fighting technics.

We will list hereunder our standard delivery time for EX-works conditions.

  • Chemicals: 1 week for quantities under 10 Tons.
  • FAS : 6 weeks from 1 to 10 units
  • CTD : 8 weeks from 1 to 5 units Triton and Cameleon, and 1 – 2 units Salamandre.
  • Pumps : 6 weeks from 1 to 10 units
  • Other products or quantities : please ask for confirmation.

It is very easy. Please write a message on our email or give a call to our area representative.

Please make a swift to our accounts in US dollar, Euro or Sterling Pound. 3F NEVER ask for payment to its sales team. All payments must be done to our company accounts. All required information is given on our order aknowledgment.


For synthetic foams we offer a 10 years warranty,

For proteinic foams our warranty is 5 years.

For other chemicals please refer to the technical data sheet.

3F has more than 20 years expertise in extinguisher technology. Our range of products can meet all known ratings. Additionally we offer specialties like alcohol resistant product, fat fires additive, anti freeze agent and foam booster to adjust along your needs.

Please review their applications in their data sheet.

Our foams are conceived to be efficient and eco friendly. As specialists in the field, we put on the market the latest technologies… After being seen as a pioneer in the fluoro free technology, we are proud to launch a full range of Solvent Free (SF) to offer high quality products without the inconvenience of hazardous solvents and elevated demand for biodegradation. (see SF)

We can check our foams over time on aging. If it appears that our foam is damaged during the warranty period, we all ascertain on the origin of the poor level of the foam. If the warranty is engaged, we will replace at our charge the existing damaged foam to a new one.

Please contact us and send one bottom and one top samples. We will issue a report and make our comments. depending on the foam type, all possibilities are there, from destruction to no risk.

Please and us a sample of 1 liter in a plastic bottle with identification and we all conduct an analysis and make a conclusion.

Yes, we will make an ageing test and give you our estimated shelf life if stored in proper conditions.

Yes, we will arrange a small scale reference fire test and make our conclusion.

No, but we can support you to get one as we work closely with recognized bodies and laboratories.

No, packaging are included in costs.

You must dispose of them following the regulations. We can take back your IBCs and drums 200L if you return them to our plant at your own costs.

No… we cannot give a warranty on an expired foam, even if we boost it back with new components.

It depends on local regulations. In many countries, you must have it collected and incinerated

High pressure

These equipment are light and compact so they can be fixed in a pick up vehicle or small van.Their flow rate is exceptionally low.

FAS means Fire attack System. Our system is based on High Pressure technology up to 200 Bar -3000 psi.

According to latest studies, the water droplet size is key to extinguish the fire. The most efficient way to attack fires is to use water sprayed in tiny droplets: small droplets increase the surface of contact of water and fuel and so increase the cooling power. High pressure allows reducing the droplet size but still enabling them to be in contact with the fire.


No…these products have been banned and are no longer available in europe and USA.

We are very clear on this issue…. We don’t believe that a C6, even if presented as better than others, can be a long term answer as it will still be persistent and bio accumulate. So far, we don’t have a clue on long term studies in human population to be sure that the toxicity is acceptable.

We offer a range of products which are progressively freed from their worse components : we have a range of FFF -fluoro free foams- and arrange of SF -solvent Free foams- : please refer to our special leaflets.

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