Recent development about PFCs – PerFluoroCompounds – world spreading

IPEN – an ONG aiming for a clean environment – released recently an article updating the situation about PFCs used in fire fighting foams.

The article outlines the risk taken by firemen using AFFF.

3F has always been standing to promote green Fluoro Free Foams FFF.

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A brand new range of fire fighting foam concentrates designed to combine high efficiency and consideration of the environment.

Their main feature is the removal of solvents -Solvent Free- in their formulation:

3F SF 3D– Reduction of the COD/BOD for a better degradation,

– Reduction of the consumption of oxygen in watercourses lowering the impact on living organisms,

– Reduction of immediate toxicity by elimination of hazardous components,

– Reduction of fuel contamination of the foam leading to enhanced burn back resistance.

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The Best Training manikins are here!

3F and Ruth Lee signed on a representation agreement for Ruth Lee Manikins in Latino America!

We are confident you won’t find more durable manikins on the market and with a full range of dummies, designed for different technical rescue training scenarios, such as working at height or in confined spaces, we are sure we can provide you with the perfect training partner!

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Worldwide innovation: a survival bubble against toxic fumes!

3F Américas Inc. and A.T.I. have signed a sales agreement for DETEX to represent the product in Latino America.

DETEX is a UNIQUE and PATENTED product: first smoke detector and extractor without external evacuation, it creates a survival bubble in case of fire.
Smoke intoxication causes death in 80% of all cases of fire in a room. Approximately 800 fatalities are known to have occurred in France alone through smoke inhalation.
Easy to install, without maintenance, warranted for 10 years, DETEX can save lives: public buildings, residential housing, office, towers, hospital, schools…

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FIRE FLASH – The High Pressure Quad

3F presents FIRE FLASH, our Ultra High Pressure System designed to fit on any model of Quad.
FIRE FLASH resolves the access difficulties for forest fires. When it becomes impossible for fire trucks or 4×4 car, the Quad can still pass through…
FIRE FLASH is a complete system, with a 70L water tank, a full foam injection system and a pump running at 140 bars. The combination of High Pressure and foam agent allows multiplying the extinguishing power by 10, to make the best use of water.

FIRE FLASH is offered already mounted on a Kazuma Quad : FIRE QUAD

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FILMEX 1 : Top rated AFFF-AR 1X1

3F is proud to announce the release of its ultimate foam concentrate 1×1 : FILMEX 1.
The product has been certified to EN 1568 part 3 and 4 and is rated Class 1A on Hydrocarbons and 1C on Polar Solvents. This product fills a gap in the range of products to be offered to the industry as it allows to reduce the stock of foam concentrate, especially in mobile protection.
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Another brick in our wall of fire defence: FAS PAC is born!

3F engineering department is proud to bring a new tool in his comprehensive range of FAS: Fire Attack Systems.
FAS PAC is a portable and light back-pack system designed for a fast and efficient fire attack by an individual fire fighter. FAS PAC is ideal for rapid response situations and can be carried on a Quad or motorbike. FAS PAC is offered as Water Mist or Foam.

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3F participates to the FAO 14th POPs Review Committee (POPRC) in Rome

From 17th to 21st of September 2018, FAO – Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations – debated about the future of several POP – Persistent Organic Chemicals.
3F attended the event as part of the IPEN Panel – International POPS Elimination Network – in order to expose its views to the UN Members, over the manufacturing and use of a family of fluorochemicals currently used in fire-fighting foams and other applications.

The focus was on PFOS, PFHxS and PFOA, their precursors and derivatives. These compounds have been commonly used and are still used in the fire-fighting foams, to enhance the performance of the foam over liquid fires. The most well-known of these foams and most commonly used is Aqueous Film-Forming Foam better known as AFFF.

It was acknowledged by the Committee that all this group of chemicals area categorized as POPs, and are characterized by their High Persistency, Bioaccumulative and Toxic profile. They are found to travel worldwide via the oceans and atmosphere and found their way to remote places such as Artic and Antarctic areas.

A draft was issued at the end of the week, which draws a deadline to the manufacture and use of these chemicals.

To summarize the text:
”… the transitioning to the use of short-chain per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) for dispersive applications such as fire-fighting foams is not a suitable option from an environmental and health point of view and that some time to move to alternatives without PFASs may be needed”
”…3. Recommends to the Conference of the Parties that it consider encouraging Parties not to replace fire-fighting foam that contain or may contain PFOA, its salts and PFOA-related compounds with short-chain PFASs due to their persistency and mobility as well as potential negative environmental, health and socio-economic impacts.”

That means there is a recommendation to move away from actual AFFF to Fluor Free Foams because fire-fighting foams are used in a highly dispersive use threatening environment and health.
Other Fluoro compounds – such as C6 – are persistent and mobile and should not be considered as a safe option for environmental, health and socio economic impacts.

Notes relating to fire-fighting foams with PFOA, PFOS or PFHxS.

  • These foams cannot be imported or exported if NOT for proper recognized disposal
  • They cannot be used for training or testing
  • By the end of 2022, they cannot be used if not properly bunded for collection
  • All effluents must be collected, so they cannot be used for dispersive applications (referring to NO possible collection of foam uses at sea / river / land)
  • Foam stocks must be eliminated by incineration or other recognized safe disposal method

If you need more information, you can contact us and we will assist or direct you to other bodies which can provide support for assistance.

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3F Americas enlarge its range of safety products introducing LightSaver®

LightSaver® innovates by offering a safe escape route to trapped victims in closed areas in case of fire. Sadly, it is known that most people killed in fire situations in buildings are due to smoke inhalation, related to difficulty in leaving the premises.

LightSaver® indicates the way to escape with a flashing blue light visible even in thick smoke conditions, activated by smoke detector alarm.

LightSaver® is offered as Original version, UL version system and EN modular system.

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